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BREAKING: Trump Inks GOLIATH Executive Order… Obama, Liberals Pitching HISSY FITS!

Okay, executive orders aren’t in the Constitution. They’re not part and parcel of the constitutional powers outlined for the executive branch.

So one could make the point that President Donald Trump has no right to pick up pen and paper, like Barack Obama did many, many times, and sign off on executive orders that bypass the duly elected congressional representatives.

But then again, Obama did SO much damage that perhaps a few executive orders aimed at simply righting the previous administration’s wrongs are a forgivable offense.

Hell, they feel downright essential at this point, don’t they?

When you’re faced with a bloated government that can’t sustain itself, you have to pass some laws that STOP the bleeding. Stop the insane over-regulation and let this country breathe again!

And now, more healing: Trump’s got a new executive order out there. And this one totally decimates a drastic environmental regulation that Obama put in motion…with his own pen and paper, by the way.

“Trump signed an executive order Tuesday directing a review of a controversial Obama-era water rule that gave the federal government broad regulatory authority over rivers, streams and wetlands,” Fox News reported.

In fact, “broad regulatory authority” is kind of a gentle phrase.

What Obama did was put the EPA in charge of regulating about every little puddle of water in the entire nation – and you know what that power means in the hands of the nutty left. No more building. No more human use of land. Ever.

At least, not without paying dearly through the purse or through political pandering first.

So Trump undid that order. He also put the pipelines in motion again, much to liberal chagrin. He wants to get this country MOVING again, damnit!

Like executive orders or hate ’em, the fact Trump used his presidential power to reel in this vicious, radical and over-burdensom federal EPA policy that Obama put in place, without congressional OK, is a good thing.

H/T Redwhiteandright

Now watch the economy grow – watch the private property owners smile.

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