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BREAKING – Trump Issues Badass Command to US Military About Iran – Do You Support Him?

Iran has been testing our leadership for months, with little to no response while Obama was in office. That all changed the moment Trump took over as president.

Michael Flynn, our national security advisor, has officially put “Iran on notice.”

The warning comes after a confirmed missile launch from Iran.

Little “tests” such as this were the norm under Obama — Iran’s stunt with our Navy members comes to mind — and they were either ignored completely or explained away by Obama and his cronies.

That being the case, Iran had no incentive to stop or lessen their attacks. Quite frankly, with the way Obama acted, who can blame them for continuing down that path?

Donald Trump promised that would change if he won, and it has. He has made several moves against ISIS that I would think would stand on their own as an example, but I guess Iran was not paying attention.

Mr. Flynn did not define what being “on notice” officially meant, but if I were Iran, I would not test the Trump administration, as he seems more than willing to set an example using someone if they push the envelope.

Happenings such as this prove how damaging the Obama administration has been to our country’s perception as a world power. Between his apology tour and lack of military action when needed, we are no longer considered a legitimate threat by countries that would have NEVER dreamed of crossing us before.

My guess here is that Iran wanted to see if Trump was all talk and no action. Well, they have officially been warned, and I would expect the next Trump response to be a bit sterner than a spokesman “warning” them at a podium.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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