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BREAKING: Trump Just Caught NBC Red-Handed! Look at The SICK Thing They Just Did!

The media is doing everything he can trying to de-legitimize the election and destroy Trump before he takes office. They are spreading the SICK lie that Russia “hacked” the election. WELL, NBC MAY HAVE JUST COMMITTED A MAJOR CRIME!

Obama reportedly leaked a 50-page classified intel report to NBC before Trump was given a chance to see it.

Trump just made a MAJOR announcement about what he is going to do to NBC! (SEE BELOW)

Trump is taking action against NBC for possible criminal actions! He just demanded that Congress investigate how NBC got the top-secret report before he saw it:

WikiLeaks is reporting that the CIA is ILLEGALLY funneling the info to NBC:

He continued, saying this was a crime committed in the name of politics.

The Obama administration dodged a question about whether or not the leak came from them! Whether or not it came from Obama, NBC must be held accountable for reporting on this top secret info!

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Source: Subjectpolitics

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