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BREAKING – Trump Makes BOLD Move to SHUT DOWN Obama’s ‘Shadow Government.’ Too Far?

Trump will not tolerate Obama loyalists lurking behind the scenes in his administration any longer. What our president just did to root out the spies once and for all is ingenious!

Trump just embedded 16 hand-chosen aides into multiple federal agencies to both monitor and report back on the actions of existing cabinet secretaries, WND reports.

Staffers with the title of “senior White House adviser” have now been embedded at EVERY cabinet agency. The president’s loyal eyes and ears also reportedly have offices in, or just outside of, the cabinet secretary’s office suite!

Trump doesn’t mess around. Years spent coming in under budget and on time for his myriad of successful projects taught him how to swiftly get to the bottom of a problem and fix it!

Some of the federal agencies where senior White House advisers are already set up and active reportedly include NASA, Health and Human Services, and the Energy Department. The embedded Trump loyalists report directly to the Office of Cabinet Affairs.

The Office of Cabinet Affairs is run by White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rick Dearborn. His top aide, John Mashburn, reportedly holds a weekly conference call with Trump advisers who have “constant contact” with the Oval Office.

Officially, the recently embedded senior advisers are on-site to act as policy liaisons. Their duties reportedly include communications between the White House and their respective agencies.

“Behind the scenes, though, they’re on another mission: to monitor Cabinet leaders and their top staffs to make sure they carry out the president’s agenda and don’t stray too far from the White House’s talking points,” as told by multiple officials with knowledge of the new arrangement to The Washington Post.

Staffers at some of the federal agencies, holdovers of course, have attempted to reject President Trump’s on-site senior advisers. Ridiculing the new co-workers is not going to do any good — they are there to stay!

Scott Pruitt, the Trump-appointed administrator of the EPA, was among the first that Obama loyalists tried to push out. Pruitt was reportedly excluded from meetings with the staff for FOUR WEEKS simply because he offered advice during a discussion.

A former Marine sent to a position at the Pentagon received similar treatment. Obama hires there dubbed the heroic veteran “the comissar,” mocking him with the Russian moniker.

A president of the United States always has to worry about spies, but never before has he had to be concerned about anti-American spies tucked away inside the upper echelons of federal agencies who are hell bent on destroying him and his vision for the country.

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