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BREAKING: Trump Makes MAJOR Move to DESTROY ISIS. Do You Support Trump?

ISIS has been running rampant for longer than we care to remember. The terrorist group has been working to destroy the western world without repercussions for years, but their horrifying reign of power is about to come to an abrupt end.

President Donald Trump has launched an offensive strike in Syria this morning, ordering the U.S. Military to position over 500 soldiers near a dam outside of ISIS’ Syrian capital in Raqqa. Helicopters and artillery are also in place, and ready to strike.

The U.S. Military has been joined by Kurdish forces as well as a Syrian rebel group. Together, they plan on taking Raqqa back from ISIS in a strategic move that will hit the terrorists where it hurts the most. The mission is being called “Operation Inherent Resolve.”

“It takes a special breed of warrior to pull off an airborne operation or air assault behind enemy lines,” stated Col. Joe Scrocca of the mission.

The plan is to first seize Tabqah Dam, isolating Raqqa, and then liberating the city from ISIS’ rule. Currently, the U.S. Military plans to lend support and back the local soldiers; however, if the going gets tough, they’re more than ready to take on an active role in the ground fight.

Unlike Obama, who fought ISIS via airstrikes if and when he fought them at all, President Trump and the Pentagon have stated that they’re willing to send in 1,000 or more ground troops.

President Trump clearly realizes that Obama’s strategy was NOT working, and has decided to do exactly the opposite of the former president — a complete reversal of tactics.

Operation Inherent Resolve, along with its partnered local forces, has been launching air strikes for about two weeks now in Syria, and are finally ready to take on ISIS on the ground. They’ll also be launching a similar strike on ISIS operations in Iraq.

Thus far, spokespeople for Operation Inherent Resolve have not given comments. But that’s not surprising. During his campaign for presidency, Donald Trump often spoke of the value of keeping military operations secret, so as to have the element of surprise on our side.

The last thing we want is for ISIS to know what we’re up to. If we want to destroy them for good, we need to act quickly and secretively. We can’t afford to give away anything that would possibly give them an advantage.

One of the reasons We the People voted for Donald Trump was because of his resolve to annihilate ISIS from the face of the earth, once and for all. Just like his other campaign promises, President Trump is already starting to come through. We wish him, and our brave military, the best of luck!

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