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Liberals are mad at Donald Trump… again. This time, they are hating on our president for doing exactly what he promised — winning the war against radical Islamic terrorism!

President Trump ordered an air assault on an ISIS command and control headquarters complex in western Mosul. The compound was completely destroyed over the weekend!

The five-story building in Bab Sinjar was not only an Islamic State control center, but it also served as a radical Islam propaganda facility, Washington Examiner reports. ISIS nestled its evil command complex in the heart of the Jumhuri medical community complex.

ISIS terrorists have made it a common practice to try to disguise its facilities by placing them inside or amid hospitals, mosques, and schools. Those tactics might have worked to keep Barack Obama at bay, but now Donald Trump is in charge.

Trump told Americans during the election he would sacrifice the safety of the United States and put American lives at risk and now he is delivering on a major campaign promise by carrying out these attacks.

The Operation Inherent Resolve air strike was led by American forces with the aid of coalition partners on Friday. “Mosul is going to be liberated. It is a military fact,” said Pentagon Captain Jeff Davis.

Intelligence officials determined the hospital was not still functioning as a medical care facility before the air strike was scheduled, and the Trump let them have it!

For months, Obama and other coalition forces leaders have been trying to yank control of Mosul back from ISIS. Now, just a few weeks into Trump’s administration, Mosul is entirely encircled by Iraqi forces and drastically hampering the ability of the Islamic State to resupply its fighters.

The Friday strike on the ISIS compound was only the first of three such attacks to occur in Mosul over the weekend. The other air raids destroyed additional important Islamic State assets.

Four watercrafts, two shipping containers, an artillery system, multiple front-end loaders, and a building used to make improvised explosive devices were also all destroyed. This is just the beginning of President Trump’s plan to wipe ISIS from the face of the Earth.

The destruction of the propaganda factory was highly beneficial. Thwarting the Islamic State’s ability to churn out its hateful propaganda will help prevent more individuals from being reached online and, ultimately, radicalized.

We now have a president who is not only unafraid to name our enemy — he is willing to take the fight to directly to them. Radical Islamic terrorism will be rooted out and destroyed one attack at a time, no matter where the jihadis try to hide!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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