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BREAKING: Trump Makes His Move Against John McCain. IT’S ABOUT TIME!

Donald Trump has struck back against the intolerable poster child for the establishment, John McCain. Thank goodness Donald Trump won’t stand for these swamp-dwellers!

During an interview with the liberal safe space, Face the Nation, John McCain criticized Donald Trump for not going far enough during the latest strike against saying: “But the signal that they’re able to fly almost right away out of the same facility indicates that I don’t think we did as thorough enough job, which would have been cratering the runways.” Our brave President wasted no time striking back against the swamp-dwelling RINO as he fired off a bold tweet using his vast construction knowledge to explain the strategy behind the strike.

John McCain has been leading the establishment’s non-stop crusade against Donald Trump since he was a candidate for President.  These swamp-dwellers have been poisoning the health of our great country for too long, and we proud patriots are fed up with these out-of-touch politicians. The establishment is always ready and prepared to sell out us hardworking Americans any chance they get.

All we need to do is look at the past eight years to know that John McCain is incapable of delivering to the American people. Don’t be fooled, fellow patriots. John McCain is nothing but a yes-man. There is one sure way to figure out whether a politician is an establishment swamp-dweller: just listen for the words, “Bipartisan.” Even as most recent as March 28, 2017, John McCain was spouting bipartisan nonsense to encourage true conservatives to work with Democrats, the failed party.

Did I just read that correctly? John McCain wants to work the the Democrats? What have the Democrats done for us other than pass the most toxic and dangerous legislation of all time, Obamacare? The Democrats don’t even have a coherent policy regarding any issue other than rolling out the red carpet for illegal immigrants and dangerous “refugees” to come parading into our great nation! The mere fact that McCain believes that working with those corrupt politicians is proof that he is one of them.

Mr. McCain, our taxes pay for your luxurious lifestyle, and our taxes pay for your health care! You and your fellow swamp creatures don’t need to suffer the consequences of your toxic legislation.

Thank goodness we have President Trump to stand up for our liberty, our interests, and our rights. Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he will stand up for American values and truth.

Donald Trump will not stand idly by as Democrats and these so-called “Republicans” trample on our liberties and our interests.

Donald Trump showcased his strategic genius when he ignored those Syrian runways. Why should we waste expensive bombs on cheap runways, Mr. McCain? President Trump has already demonstrated he is more competent than John McCain could have ever been as a President.

Unlike Obama, when Donald Trump draws a line in the sand, no one will dare cross it. Our president has already restored American greatness and strength. It appears that McCain would rather bring us back to the days of apologizing and warmongering.

There will be no more apology tours with Trump in the office.

Stand aside RHINOS and swamp-dwellers. Stand aside John McCain. Stop complaining and support our Great President!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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