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BREAKING: Trump Puts Obama to Shame With MAJOR Inauguration Announcement

When Barack Obama first became president in 2009, he threw himself a lavish inauguration parade that lasted for more than two hours and attended a whopping 10 balls in his honor. Donald Trump, however, is planning to do things very differently on his own Inauguration Day.

Daily Mail reported that Trump is cutting down the length of his parade to just one hour so that he has time to “get some work done” before he attends his inauguration balls. Unlike Obama, Trump will only be attending three balls on the night of his inauguration on January 20.

“This is going to be a shorter parade, an hour to hour and a half or so so he can go to work,” said Alex Stroman, a spokesman for the inauguration committee. “That’s what the American people elected him to do.”

This is all part of Trump’s efforts to do away with much of the pomp and circumstance Obama added to his own inauguration eight years ago. In the days before his inauguration, Trump will attend a few dinners being held in his honor with incoming Vice President Mike Pence and his cabinet secretaries and will hold a concert celebrating the American people. Unlike Obama, Trump does not want the focus to all be on himself, as his main goal is unifying our country and giving back to the American people.

It’s incredibly refreshing to finally have a president who is willing to actually WORK to get stuff done for the American people.

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