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BREAKING: Trump Releases His Health Care Plan And It BLOWS OBAMACARE AWAY

Donald Trump laid out his health care plan and it is a tremendous improvement over the mess that was Obamacare.

Trump is calling for the elimination of state barriers that restrict competition among health insurance companies.

This is critical because without a real free market what you get is monopolies. That’s what Obama never understood. No matter what you do if you have one or two choices service will be inferior and prices will be higher. That’s the beauty of capitalism.

Trump wants tax deductions for paying premiums – another smart move.

Trump will – now keep in mind republicans in Congress will have some say on this and a lot of them are wholly owned subsidies of the insurance and drug companies – eliminate the individual mandate.

He will also, and this is a big one, negotiate with drug companies. The US government is the largest buyer of pharmaceutical drugs in the world and it is a scandal we cannot negotiate volume discounts.

He will have more to say soon, after he meets with Congress officially as President Trump.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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