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BREAKING: Trump Scores COLOSSAL Sanctuary City Victory… Illegals Are Panicking!

The old saying about “money talks” is definitely true.

And if you’re going to make promises to the American people, you had best deliver, which is why President Donald Trump’s historic executive orders are really just about keeping his word.

Now, staying faithfully on his blistering pace of keeping promises made during the campaign, Trump has issued an executive order that upholds an existing bill that has failed in Congress to gain any traction in recent years.

Yep, that was big.

The bill was designed to punish districts, counties, cities, townships and villages that decided to break federal law by not detaining violent illegal offenders who were nabbed by local and State police.

It was a terribly normal practice under the Obama administration: in many areas around the country, local authorities were flouting federal mandates to keep or “detain” certain illegal criminals with a violent record.

Additionally, they were denying ICE agents access to criminal illegals’ names and addresses by disallowing them the information gathered by local authorities.

Because these localities were not being punished by the DOJ or the local court systems for their breaking of federal laws, they became emboldened and publicly began to announce their intentions to remain sanctuary cities even if Trump was elected.

Now that Trump is president, cracks are beginning to show in the Liberal armor of these law-breakers, as Matt Palumbo of Allen B. West explains:

“As the Daily Mail reported: President Trump has praised the mayor of Miami-Dade after he ordered the city’s jails to comply with the crackdown on ‘sanctuary’ counties.

Donald Trump has issued an executive order directing federal agencies to take away funding from self-proclaimed ‘sanctuary cities’ that limit cooperation with immigration authorities. Unlike cities like San Francisco, Miami-Dade never officially labelled itself a ‘sanctuary’, but since 2013 has refused to indefinitely detain inmates who are in the country illegally and wanted by ICE. Last year, the county refused to detain around 100 illegal immigrants wanted by the authorities, on the grounds that it would have cost $52,000 out of their $7 billion annual budget.”

And why was it that this $52K bill garnered so much protest within the district despite the $7B budget?

According to the Daily Mail, the district authorities knew that most of that bill would not be reimbursed by the government.

So, in an effort to save a fraction of 1% of the annual budget, Miami-Dade counties wisely thought it would be better just to break federal law AND release dangerous criminal illegals back into the wilds of America!

Trump praised the decision by the mayor to back the mandates set up by the federal authorities, but this will be an uphill battle. After all, recently revealed sanctuary city statistics were so outrageous, it’s clear this will take time to fix.

When it comes to government officials and the threat of withholding funding, it appears that the jingle of money almost always wins. Since there are over 300 sanctuary cities in 32 States, it looks like the government will be saving a LOT of taxpayer money should these imbeciles decide to continue to flout the law.

Somehow, I don’t see that happening.

Source: Redwhiteandright

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