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BREAKING: Trump Takes Sledgehammer To This Federal Agency… Top Obama Bureaucrats Get Pink Slips!

Whether you use the currently popular phrase, “drain the swamp” or something similar such as, “clean house,” it’s clear that President Trump has a lot of work to do. The illegal leaks that helped fuel the incident with General Flynn illustrates the state of the “swamp” President Trump inherited very well, and it demonstrates that there are those who need to be fired.

The incident with General Michael Flynn in which confidential information was leaked to the press to undermine his position was an ideal illustration of the sort of house-cleaning President Trump will need to do. In fact, it might be more than just a house-cleaning that is in order. Depending on the seriousness of the leaks, criminal charges might be appropriate. So what we are seeing should come as no surprise.

The stage for this was set by Mr. Obama’s actions in the final days of his presidency. “The New York Post revealed that, on January 17th, ‘President Obama rushed to fill nearly 100 federal government vacancies during a frenzy of appointments in his final few weeks in office.’ Right now, Trump has alerted his appointees who head the CIA, NSA, and FBI to begin the painstaking task of investigating who is leaking the top secret information and who is not 100% loyal to Trump.”

Given the bitterness that Mr. Obama showed to President Trump and his victory, it should come as no surprise that some of those appointees might be more loyal to the outgoing president than to the new one. If so, they need to be dismissed, and that’s just what is happening.

In fact, the Flynn incident really called attention to this problem and helped provide the impetus to conducting a thorough review of the loyalty of federal employees and their willingness to perform their jobs with fidelity. This investigation led Trump’s team to an interesting place: “But, there was one group that has met for secret meetings on the 7th floor of the State Department who thought they were totally untouchable. In fact, it is this group on the 7th floor who dubbed themselves ‘the shadow government,’ meaning they really ran the show, not the president.”

We should be familiar with the work of Judicial Watch which labors constantly to uncover government corruption. In the current situation, their work has been an enormous help: “Thanks to Judicial Watch (JW), this group of traitors working right inside the State Department was found through a Freedom of Information Act request, and now, Trump has just done what they said he could never do — he fired them all.”

In fact, “CBS News reports, ‘Much of seventh-floor staff, who work for the Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources and the Counselor offices, were told today that their services were no longer needed.’”

These are just the sort of leeches who need to be fired. “The Conservative Treehouse details the 7th-floor shadow government’s lifestyles, reporting, ‘They live a life of high financed indulgence including massive expense accounts, chartered airline travel, swanky cocktail parties, expense chauffeurs to take their kids to private school.’”

In addition to this, they have compromised confidential government information in their efforts to attack and derail the Trump administration. The phrase, “You’re fired!” should remain a key component of President Trump’s continuing work of draining the swamp. May we hear of him as well as his staff using it even more.

All organizations, from business firms, to churches, to the most basic unit, the family, need to be able to conduct themselves with the knowledge that certain matters and information will remain confidential. When it comes to the federal government, the issue of the confidentiality of information takes on a more serious dimension.

H/T Americanconservativeherald

It’s bad enough when gossip by a family member reveals things that should have been kept quiet. When certain information held by the government is released, international tensions can flare up and the worst case scenario can soon become a reality.

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