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BREAKING: Trump White House Releases “Treason” Evidence Against Hillary. TAKE HER DOWN.

CNN and other mainstream media sites endlessly claim Trump worked with Russia to beat Clinton in the election, but the truth is finally coming out.

Sean Spicer stated that there is “probably more evidence” that CNN conspired with Hillary Clinton’s campaign than any “evidence” indicating Trump had ties with Russia.

During the press briefing at the White House on Thursday, Spicer stated that CNN claimed to have U.S. official sources that were looking into President Trump’s alleged communications with Russia and its operatives to promote information against Hillary Clinton. And they can’t deny they said this.

CNN claimed that “anonymous” officials gave information to the media company, and even though they don’t have anything conclusive or substantial, it somehow shows evidence of collusion in their minds. “The last line of the thing said, ‘The FBI cannot yet prove that collusion took place,’” Spicer stated, reminding everyone what the truth looks like.

How anyone could trust mainstream media sites like CNN anyway is beyond me. They have lied more than enough times to be considered a “fake news” site that their reports should be taken with a grain of salt. Although the liberals are running with the Russian allegations full steam ahead, it has yet to be proven.

However, it is known that Donna Brazile, a former contributor to CNN and the interim DNC chair, leaked interview questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign prior to the debates to give her an edge over her opponent, Donald J. Trump.

Brazile has “apologized” for her mistakes and was let go from CNN after being caught, but she blamed some obscure “Russian hackers” for the knowledge reaching the American public. So, instead of focusing on the fact that she prepped Clinton in debates, liberals continued to focus on “hackers” from Russia.

This is a pattern the liberals are following religiously, but the American people are starting to get wise. If anything wrong or questionable is committed by liberals, they distract from it with Russian finger-pointing!

The mainstream media continue to blow smoke into the viewers’ faces, refusing to report on the truth to protect corrupt Democrats, but Hillary Clinton and her campaign, as well as Obama, have more than enough disparaging information that could bring them down.

The problem is that their power is warding off justice being served onto them! This is why Donald Trump is calling for the swamp to be drained — who knows what will be found at the bottom? The Democrats’ lies have reached a plateau, and it’s time to investigate them to the fullest extent!

Sean Spicer needs to be listened to — as does the rest of Trump’s administration. The liberal media, especially CNN, worked with Hillary Clinton to try to get her elected. It’s not Russia that influenced the election. It was the liberal mainstream media, and they were doing it right under our noses!

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