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BREAKING: U.S. District Attorney Quietly Pursuing Treason Charges Against Top Democrat

It looks like justice is FINALLY going to be served. We have been waiting for this for a long time!

The past eight years have been rough, almost unbearable. Payback is finally around the corner. U.S. District Attorney Dana Boente is now going after former president Obama for the crime of treason.

Obama managed to drag our country down to a low we, as a country, have never seen before. Our national debt is unfathomable, there is an intense racial tension stirred up by the PC administration, and overall, as a nation, we just feel defeated. We’re sick and tired of seeing criminals go unpunished, as is Dana Boente — and he’s coming to our rescue.

The former president surrounded himself with shady individuals, such as the former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He worked in the shadows to help the NSA monitor our every move. He was also cowardly when we were threatened by other countries, such as Syria.

It has only been a couple of months since President Trump took over. He has done more in these few months than Obama did in eight years. Unbelievable.

We have also noticed a change in the demeanor of our nation since Trump took office. The left is getting ready to explode, which may be necessary for the success of all of us.

Now, we have the District Attorney officially going after Obama. Boente wants to get Obama arrested for treason. The reasons mentioned above are enough to get him arrested, no doubt about it. We the People all know he’s guilty as sin — and Boente is striving to make sure the courts do too!

Barack Obama was sworn to do what was right for us, and he failed miserably. Instead of helping us, he did the bidding of monsters like Hillary Clinton. He nearly threw our great nation into utter chaos, Patriots! We the People elected President Trump just BARELY in time to save us all. Yet, Trump has a LOT to clean up…

The unemployment crisis goes hand in hand with the Obama administration’s massive government spending. More people are on welfare than ever before, and there is a reason for this. Obama’s treacherous goal was to make as many people as possible dependent on the government. Which is sickening on so many levels. Fortunately, President Trump wants to make sure that we are dependent on one person: ourselves.

President Trump has been working hard to overthrow everything Obama has done up until this point. The healthcare repeal is still in limbo, but you can bet that it will be fixed before long. Trump is also not taking any guff from countries who want to bully us, or anyone else. He is ready to stand up in their face and do what needs to be done to ensure that we are safe, and continue to live in a free country. It looks like, after all this time, we are finally getting OUR America back — starting with throwing that traitor, Obama, in prison.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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