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BREAKING: Washington Drops MEGA Bombshell On Trump Protesters… LIBERALS ARE SHOCKED!

Protesters promised to stop the inaugural parade of Donald Trump, but you know what?

The procession went off without a glitch.

Well, there was that awful incident overseas, where at least 20 Trump supporters were killed and hundreds more went missing, and the pre-Inauguration protests definitely saw plenty of darkness and blood, courtesy of “peace-loving” liberals.

But none of this stopped Trump from becoming the next president of the United States, either, despite the call from the likes of Rosie O’Donnell to have martial law declared, and Sen. John McCain seated in the high office.

What did occur, however, is lots of little anarchy demonstrations a few blocks from the White House.

The scene was this: Smoke bombs, banner waves, shouts for “Dump Trump,” business glass smashing, and car burning. And it was followed quickly by arrests. And thankfully, authorities have responded:

“Most of the approximately 230 protesters arrested on Inauguration Day will be charged with felony rioting,” federal prosecutors said, CBS News reported. “The U.S. Attorney’s office said the offense is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.”

What’s that sound?

That’s the smack of spoiled millennials and 1960s-wanna-be-protesters smacking hard against the wall of reality.

What did these protesters think was going to happen? Video feeds of the street scenes showed thugs simply smashing out windows of one Starbucks and of a Bank of America, and later, setting fire to a limousine and another vehicle. The suspects simply ran from the scene, some with faces covered, some not, as if they were sending a message to America that would be received.

Problem was, and still is: Nobody knows what their message is. It seems they’re unhappy about something, and they’d like you to believe they’re unhappy about Trump becoming the next president. But that is just misplaced anger.

What these streets protesters are REALLY angry about is they have no hope in their future, they have no goals, no visions, no plans, no identities on which to shape themselves, so they use every available opportunity for protest they can in order to express their anger with their own failures in a way that allows them to seem to be fighting for a cause.

Perhaps if they found employment, or joined a charity, they would not feel the need to throw stones at windows or set fire to vehicles. Yeah…choke on THAT.

P.S. I was sort of hoping they’d haul off the liberal snowflake wall-screamers over there in NYC but really, that’s so funny and embarrassing, I say leave ’em to it.

Source: CBS News

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