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BREAKING – Watergate Reporter STUNS Media With CRIMINAL Obama Announcement

The walls are starting to close in on Barack Obama and his lackeys as investigators start to fully understand the extent of their crimes.

Highly respected journalist Bob Woodward made national attention when he warned that people from the Obama administration will likely face criminal charges. The names of U.S. citizens working with the Trump campaign were captured and unmasked from the surveillance of foreign officials.

Bob Woodward is known for his hard-hitting journalism that suggested President Richard Nixon had knowledge of the Watergate break-ins.

Representative Devin Nunes met with President Trump to brief him on information uncovered by the House Intelligence Committee, which he chairs. Nunes told the president that members of the Obama administration had unmasked members of the transition team and possibly Trump himself.

These newest allegations are completely unrelated to any investigation of Russian interference or President Trump’s accusation of “wiretapping.” They are highly unethical and likely illegal.

The U.S. government captures and records the communications of foreign officials the world over for national security.

Occasionally, communications between U.S. persons and foreign officials get captured. Since it is illegal to spy on U.S. citizens without a warrant, their names are blanked out or minimized.

President Trump and his transition team made multiple calls with foreign officials in the course of their duties. However, when these communications were captured, members of the Obama administration would unmask them and spread the information like gossip.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act treats the privacy of U.S. persons very seriously, and unmasking the names of any U.S. person without a warrant is a violation of the law. It is not just illegal but also scandalous. The communications of foreign officials are collected to protect our security, and the Obama administration abused the security apparatus to get dirt on an incoming president to spread to the press.

More and more information is being revealed vindicating the allegations of “wiretapping” that President Trump made weeks ago. There is now no doubt that Obama was monitoring Donald Trump. It likely occurred both during the campaign and the transition. We are just waiting for specific details to be released.

I have now officially started my countdown of the number of days until Obama and his lackeys get arrested. Who’s with me?

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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