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BREAKING – Woman Who Threatened to ASSASSINATE Trump Just Got THIS Bad News

Louisville woman Heather Lowrey tweeted an assassination threat against President Donald Trump, and her tweet quickly attracted the attention of a group of patriots.

Heather Lowrey tweeted, “If someone was cruel enough to assassinate MLK, maybe someone will be kind enough to assassinate Trump. #bekind #trump #lovetrumpshate.” Backlash immediately ensued against the Kentucky woman, and the Secret Service is investigating the posted threat.

Social media users who are worried about the Trump assassination tweet did a bit of online sleuthing and ultimately alerted Heather Lowrey’s employers about the tweet. Her social media accounts have now been deactivated.

Lowrey apparently worked at multiple places. Several of her employers have announced plans to fire her based upon the tweeted assassination threat against the president, Wave3 reports.

“Please, know that we, at Va Va Vixens, do not condone the behavior of Heather Lowrey. She was dismissed the moment we were informed of this incident,” Va Va Vixens noted in a statement.

The burlesque group release also said they have a zero tolerance policy concerning such antics. “It’s no secret that we are in the midst of a divided nation. With so much hate and anger in the world, our hope is to be a sanctuary that welcomes all walks of life with open arms,” the statement went on to say.

The Va Va Vixens behaved in the manner any employer should – the way Saturday Night Live and NBC should have after a writer mocked 10-year-old Barron Trump. “We do not condone hate by any party and will not partake in it. We in no way support negative behavior or malicious intent from anyone,” the statement concluded.

Heather Lowrey also appeared to work for American Income Life – Travis Moody Office. The Kentucky-Indiana company posted the following statement to its Facebook page: “Heather Lowrey is no longer contracted with the Travis Moody Agency. The Travis Moody Agency, its agents, and its staff do not share the same views, nor opinions as Heather Lowrey. We have a zero tolerance policy and would never condone this behavior.”

The Elizabeth Monarch group, part of the Keller Williams Realty company, also wanted to make it clear they no longer are associated with the Louisville woman who tweeted an assassination threat against Donald Trump. “Heather Lowery is no longer employed at the Elizabeth Monarch Group,” a release stated.

“She [Heather Lowrey] has not worked at this company for over 10 months. The Elizabeth Monarch Group, its agents, and its staff do not share the same views,” the real estate group’s statement continued.

Like Madonna, Heather Lowrey is finding out the hard way that her threatening words, either spoken or tweeted, will be taken seriously by the Secret Service. Liberal whining can be ignored because it does not matter — America won on Election Day. Death threats against President Donald Trump will not be tolerated!

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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