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BREAKTHROUGH: Obama’s Birth Certificate Now Reveals THIS Huge Truth!

When Barack Obama won over the Oval Office, there was plenty of talk regarding his heritage and where he came from. According to his birth certificate, we were somewhat convinced that it is fake and that he is not actually from Hawaii.

As of now, new proof on his background are overwhelming the Internet ans we learn that this is actually true- Obama lied!

According to a report by WND, the chief investigator in Maricopa County, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been investigating Obama’s roots and certificate and found that it is not only fake, but the Hawaiian government gave a hand in making this illegal move in the first place.

Last week, Arpaio held a press conference in which Mike Zullo presented proof that Obama fabricated his birth certificate and made it look similar to another Hawaiian birth document.

Zullo later explained in an interview with the Hagmann Report, that Obama’s photos used for the known birth certificate were actually overtaken from the original birth certificate of Johanna Ah’nee.

Although Ah’nee promised she kept her original document locked and secure, before the current president actually released his version.

As a result, Zullo concluded that none else but the Hawaiian government, had something to do with the details in composing this document presented today to Americans as a valid proof of Obama’s background.

“These things start to grow hair and you start to work with it,” Zullo explained, adding that the evidence “pointed to an inside job.”

“They manufactured a document,” he said. “That’s astounding, because now you have to ask why. Why would people produce a forgery, a fraud, for the president of the United States and defraud the American people. The answers are not good.”

Take a look at the full interview:

Here is the aforementioned press conference:

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Source: Worldpoliticus

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