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Breitbart #1 in Share of Voice on Social Media, Edging Out Fox News

Breitbart News was the #1 in “share of voice” on social media during last night’s Democrat debate.
During last night’s Democrat debate, Breitbart News once again dominated social media, beating other major media outlets and even President Trump’s personal Facebook page.

Breitbart News captured the greatest “share of voice” on Facebook among U.S. news outlets during the debate, while Fox News came in second place and the President’s personal Facebook page came in third.

CNN, which hosted the debate, received approximately one third of the number of engagements that Breitbart News earned during the debate. The New York Times, which co-hosted the Democrat debate alongside CNN, did not even break the list of the top ten social media pages with the highest “share of voice” on Facebook.

Below are the top three pages ranked by Facebook’s “share of voice” metric:

Breitbart News has consistently topped polls on social media interaction during this election cycle. It was reported by Axios in July that Breitbart News was dominating the political landscape during the Democrat primaries.

Via Axios:

What’s going on: Over the past two weeks, most of the stories about the candidates leading our tracker that generated the most interactions on Twitter (retweets and likes) and Facebook (reactions, comments and shares) came from conservative sites:

Joe Biden — 2 of the top 5 articles (Breitbart x2)
Kamala Harris — 4 of 5 (Fox News x2, Breitbart, The Federalist Papers)
Cory Booker — 4 of 5 (Fox News, The Federalist Papers, The Blaze, Daily Caller)
Julián Castro — 4 of 5 (Fox News, Washington Times x2, Breitbart)
Bernie Sanders — 3 of 5 (Fox Business, Breitbart, Fox News)
Elizabeth Warren — 1 of 5 (Daily Wire)
For Biden, Harris, Booker and Castro, the top story came from a conservative site.

During July, 18 of the top 30 stories about the top Democrat presidential candidates came from conservative news media; five of those stories were from Breitbart News.

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