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Brie Larson Misunderstands Reference, Snaps At Chris Hemsworth In Predictable ‘Girl Power’ Way

“Captain Marvel” actress Brie Larson is getting praised by woke liberals for apparently putting “Thor” actor Chris Hemsworth in his place after he compared her to a man, but in reality, Larson was just showing why she is utterly insufferable.

When “Wonder Woman” came out, even though women’s groups were praising it as some kind of win for women everywhere, star Gal Gadot didn’t travel the circuit insulting men and spouting modern feminist outrage nonsense about male reporters and whatnot.

But Larson went on a tour designed to get liberals interested in her movie and turn off anyone sick of hearing about how women in America are somehow oppressed. She insulted sound guys putting microphones on women, she decried white men asking questions during the media tour. In addition, Rotten Tomatoes shut down comments after trolls posted negative reviews about the movie after we were told we MUST enjoy it or else we’re sexist.

This leads me back to her interaction with Hemsworth. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hemsworth was asked if he could do a handstand for “5 seconds,” and Hemsworth eventually explained that he doesn’t get hurt because he doesn’t do his own stunts.

“But now I’ve told you, it doesn’t make me look cool, does it?” Hemsworth joked.

Larson then interjected saying, “No… So, you don’t do [your own stunts]?”

“See, this is the thing. I did – I did my stunts because I thought that’s what everyone did.”

At this point, Hemsworth rolled his eyes and brought up actor Tom Cruise, who is famous for doing his own stunts. There are other actors who do their own stunts as well, but most people only know about the insane steps Cruise takes to do his own stunts.

When Hemsworth said “Tom Cruise,” Larson got defensive and snapped back.

“No, I want to be the first me, not the next Tom Cruise, thank you very much.”

Hemsworth then said, “we all do stunts,” but joked that when he sees one in the script where he thinks he might die, he tells his stunt double: “You can do this.”

Brie Larson and Don Cheadle, who plays War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both laughed. Larson then added: “Very generous.”

Entertainment Tonight tweeted the exchange between Hemsworth and Larson, playing up the feminist angle in yet another attempt to make sure everyone knows Brie Larson is a strong, fierce, independent woman who doesn’t take no crap from no man.

“Brie Larson had the BEST clapback at Chris Hemsworth when he implied she did all her own stunts because she wanted to be the next Tom Cruise,” the outlet tweeted.

It added, “Do not come at her,” with “clap” emojis between each word. You know, to really drive the point home.

Later in the interview, Larson appeared to — more playfully — suggest she was the strongest of the actors or characters, to which Hemsworth laughed and said, “You’re just not that strong.”

How much longer are we going to have to endure the media forcing us to believe a woman is strong and tough rather than just being strong or tough? Why do we need it bashed into our heads? That’s when the backlash comes. People don’t like being told how they should think or feel, and we certainly don’t like when someone is arrogant and rude in order to look Strong and Tough™.

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