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BUSTED: Elizabeth Warren Just Got BAD NEWS – SHE’S DONE…

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren made headlines on Tuesday night when she broke Senate rules during the confirmation hearing of attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions. Now, Warren is refusing to admit that she’s shamelessly using this situation to raise money for her reelection campaign, even though that’s clearly what she’s doing.

The Daily Caller reported that Warren sent out two emails to her supporters after Tuesday night asking them to sign a petition and donate to her campaign. The first email was sent at 11:09 p.m. EST Tuesday night, and the second email was sent at 3:39 p.m. the next day.

On Wednesday, Warren was asked directly by a reporter if she was using this situation to fund her campaign. You can watch her try and dodge his questions in the video above this story…

“Some of the Democrats are also trying to raise money off of this. Are you okay with that? Doing this. How much money have you raised for your campaign?” CNN senior congressional reporter Manu Raju asked Warren.

“Heavens, I have no idea,” Warren replied. “This is about trying to get people to read Coretta Scott King’s letter.”

Keep in mind that the first email was sent out 13 hours before Warren told Raju that she had “no idea” about fundraising, and the second one was sent out three hours later.

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