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‘But the Wall Will Get Built’: President Trump Has a Plan for Building the Wall Even If Dems Block Funding

President Donald Trump took to Twitter to discuss his upcoming meeting with Minority Leaders Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) about securing funding for the southern border wall.

Over the past few months, border wall funding has come to be a top issue in the United States as a caravan carrying several thousand migrants left Honduras in order to pursue entry into the United States.

As the caravan drew near, President Donald Trump announced he would be shutting down portions of the border and deploying thousands of American soldiers to provide assistance to the border patrol agents.

President Trump has stated in the past that, had the wall already been built, it would have been far easier and cheaper to manage the caravan.

Before the year is up, Congress must agree on a funding plan for the remaining appropriations bills, including border security funding. This means that Trump must strike a deal that 60 senators must agree to vote for.

Obviously, this will be a difficult deal to strike because Trump wants five billion dollars to go toward a border wall and Democrats don’t seem interested in funding the wall at all.

Trump commended the work done by border patrol when the caravan arrived, but he also noted that this work could have been greatly reduced had there been a proper border wall.

President Trump noted that he was looking forward to meeting with the Democratic leadership, but he also stated that he will build the wall no matter how they decide to vote.

Trump claimed that the military would build the wall if funding wasn’t approved by Congress. It isn’t clear, yet, how this would impact military resources. The military has a budget approved for more than $700 billion, but estimates for building the wall have the price hovering around $25 billion.

That would be a major portion of the military budget, however, Trump has already proven that he will deploy military resources to secure the border.

It would be best for the wall to be funded through the proper appropriations bills rather than tapping into the military’s resources. Trump is going to have to flex his deal-making abilities to get the Democrats on board with his five billion dollar deal.

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