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Cail Teacher Refuses to Reveal Immigration Status, Border Patrol Shows Her How Citizens are Treated

Along the United States’s border with Mexico, there are a number of Border Patrol checkpoints set up. All cars, whether they’re traveling within or outside the country, have to stop and may be asked questions posed by Border Patrol agents.

This rule was decided by the United States Supreme Court in a 1976 ruling:

The Border Patrol’s routine stopping of a vehicle at a permanent checkpoint located on a major highway away from the Mexican border for brief questioning of the vehicle’s occupants is consistent with the Fourth Amendment, and the stops and questioning may be made at reasonably located checkpoints in the absence of any individualized suspicion that the particular vehicle contains illegal aliens.

However, Shane Parmely, a middle school teacher from San Diego, was outraged by the enforcement of the laws of the country she lives in.

While she was traveling with her family in New Mexico, she was stopped at an immigration checkpoint, which she recorded and posted to Facebook in a series of videos:

As she comes to a stop, an agent asks, “Citizens?”

Instead of responding “yes” or “no,” she responded with a question of her own: “Are we crossing a border?” Parmely explained she doesn’t have to answer his question and that this same situation happened last year.

The officer gave her a laminated printout of various Supreme Court cases upholding immigration questioning, and when asked if she wanted to read it, she said, “No.”

Parmely was repeatedly told she was being detained until her immigration status could be verified. “So, if I just come through and say, ‘Yes, I’m a citizen,’ I can just go ahead?” she asked the officer.

“So, if I have an accent, and I’m brown, can I just say, ‘Yes,’ and go ahead, or do I have to prove it?”

She added, “I have a bunch of teacher friends who are sick of their kids being discriminated against.”

Instead of agreeing to read the pamphlet containing information about the authority she was questioning, Parmely explained she had time to wait and “is curious to see what happens” if she continues to refuse to answer.

After what Parmely called a “15-minute timeout,” a female agent came over and noted that it has nothing to do with “brown” people and that if she was Canadian, Swedish, or any other nationality — including American — she would be asked the same question:

Ultimately, a Border Patrol agent concluded that everyone in the car was an American citizen and offered his own insight to Parmely. “You guys should be proud of that, especially for the young kids in the back,” he said, which on Facebook, Parmely called “nationalist propaganda.”

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, Border Patrol spokesman Mark Endicott issued a statement that noted, “Border Patrol checkpoints are a critical tool for the enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws.” It also explained that agents may question occupants of a vehicle, request documentation proof and make observations of what is in plain view of the inside of the car.

This was corroborated by a flier from the American Civil Liberties Union.

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