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California To BREAK Away From The Other 49 States… IT’S HAPPENING

For some time now, California has been playing around with the idea of secession. Now, it appears the election of Donald Trump has expedited the efforts among frustrated liberals, who claim a general ideological disconnect from the rest of the country.

According to reports, a pro-secession organization has received approval to begin collecting signatures from residents to put “Calexit” on the ballot for 2019. Calexit supporters reportedly need 600,000 signatures from registered voters over the next 180 days to qualify.

Though the idea seems a bit far-fetched, California has long been a referendum state.

“According to a poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos this month, nearly one in three supports secession—a sharp uptick from a similar survey conducted in 2014,” Zero Hedge reports. “With secession becoming a viable alternative, it’s possible that support may continue to grow.”

Though the ballot proposal was first submitted to California’s state government in November, it was earlier this week that Secretary of State Alex Padilla gave the green light to begin collecting signatures. The proposal has been met with many differing opinions, but those arguing for the measure seem to be latching on to Donald Trump’s presidency.

What do you think? Will California be making a huge mistake if they decide to move forward.

Source: Americannews

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