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Can You Spot The DISGUSTING Thing Hillary Clinton Brought To Dishonor Trump’s Inauguration?

Hillary Clinton promised to honor Donald Trump at his inauguration.  Her lost still stings, but in this country we transfer power with grace and class.

This is our sacred tradition. We don’t protest or play politics with it because it is the key to our incredible success. Sadly, Hillary doesn’t think so.

Hillary literally wore a protest to Donald Trump’s inauguration.

She wore a white pantsuit, a color choice closely associated with the suffragette movement who will be holding a huge women’s anti-Trump protest March in Washington tomorrow.

The color choice was no accident. Hillary wore white to accept the Democratic presidential nomination last summer — the first woman to head the ticket of a major party in history.

She wore white again to the final debate, in a desperate plea for the women vote that backfired. Women came out for Trump in record numbers and Hillary lost.

On Election Day, her supporters wore white to cast their votes in an act of symbolic arrogance. They held their election party under a glass dome meant to mean she was breaking the glass ceiling.

Typical, she can’t even support Trump for one day.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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