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Can You Spot The Reason Why CNN REFUSED To Air This Huge Story From Trump’s Inauguration?

There is a reason CNN didn’t air this story. Because it dispels all liberal myths about Donald Trump and shows the real man in full. But that’s ok CNN, we don’t need you to get the word out.

Shane Bouvet is a single father struggling to raise his child. But he still somehow found time to not only work, parent, but also volunteer for Donald Trump’s campaign.

As an early volunteer, Trump ever loyal rewarded him an invite to an inaugural ball. But he struggled to come up with the cash to buy a proper suit and shoes to wear. A friend stepped in and bought a suit and got the shoes donated.

The story got back to Trump and that’s when President Trump proved to the world what an amazing guy he is. Trump made sure he got some exclusive VIP passes so Bouvet could meet Trump in person. Then Trump did the unthinkable.

When Trump saw, him he said,

“This is the greatest guy.”

Bouvet mentioned his father was also a huge Trump fan and Trump seized the moment and got him on the phone.

“Hey, Dad,” Bouvet said with the call on speakerphone. “I’m with Donald Trump.”

“Hey, Don, you have a great name,” Trump laughed, “You have a good boy.”

Then Trump whispered to an aide to cut Shane a check for 10k.  Causing Bouvet to break down on the spot.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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