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CAN YOU SPOT IT? Time Magazine Put SICK Hidden Symbol on Trump’s “Person of The Year” Cover (Opinion)

Look at The Difference in Trump’s Cover vs. Previous “Person of The Year” Covers.  Notice how they They ALWAYS put the “M” in “TIME” in front of the persons head.



But for Trump, they put the “M” perfectly placed behind his head so it gives him devil horns. 



 They also put the M behind the Pope’s head on the 2013 cover, but that’s only because the pope’s head covered the entire letter…BIG DIFFERENCE!

Coincidence? I don’t think so. Editors put SO MUCH thought into the cover. Even if this was an inside joke among staffers, this was almost certainly intentional.

People also pointed out that they called him the President of the “Divided United States of America”… Another sleazy move…


Like the rest of the mainstream media, Time Magazine has been BASHING Trump for months and said he had no chance. Just look at their cover from before the election when they thought Trump had no chance of winning.

Even when Trump is getting an honor like “person of the year,” they STILL can’t help but to bash him. This is why nobody trusts the mainstream media.

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Source: Subjectpolitics

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