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Canada Reveals Exactly How Many Celebrities Left The US After Trump Victory… THIS IS PRICELESS!

Suffice it to say that most Hollywood actors are vapid empty shells and exist in a constant state of over-inflated egos and self importance that places them inside a special sort of bubble that only they and their followers believe matters.

For decades, Liberal Hollywooders have attempted to influence public opinion by any number of silly ideologies, from Global Warming, to Overpopulation, to Eugenics, to the coming Ice Age. They have wagged their fingers in our direction and lectured us on our shortcomings as Americans.

Another moronic tactic that is constantly employed during every election cycle is the empty threat to leave the country if (pick a Republican) wins.

You can rely on this MO almost as certainly as Madonna promising (pick a sexual act) to Democrat voters. In other words, it’s a safe bet that a bevy of truly insane actors and/or musicians (celebrities in general) will promise their fans that they will depart the country should the Republican candidate win the presidency.

Canada has entered the fray to report its assessment of the worrisome situation at hand. They are letting us know exactly how many of these celebrities have applied for “political asylum” in their country with the election of Donald Trump.

From Independent Journal Review:

Canada has revealed how many of them [celebrities] followed through on those promises. According to Fox News Insider, the country also known as “The Great White North” has received a mere 28 applications for “Trump-related refugee status” since the election and not one was requested by a celebrity.

Did you catch that? Not a single one of the celebrities opted to move out of this terrible, horrible, unfair, racist, xenophobic, misogynist, Islamophobic, homophobic, intolerant, overly-White country. Not one!

The news here, however, shouldn’t be that the celebrities failed to move out of the country (because they never, ever follow through with the threat, much to our displeasure).

What should be news is that among all the modern day Republicans running for the presidency, it appears that Donald Trump holds the conspicuous record for the amount of celebrities lying about leaving: 23. He holds a slight edge over George W. Bush who had 18 and had a wide margin over Ronald Reagan, having only 4. Barbara Streisand gets an Honorable Mention, however, for appearing on all three of these lists. Funny girl!

Source: Independent Journal Review

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