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Cashier Has Showdown With Angry Muslim Over This…

According to reports by the Political Insider, a store clerk was verbally attacked by a Muslim woman for wearing an American flag pin.

The story of the confrontation was shared on Facebook. The post was written by a man who says his son serves in the military and relayed the story. The son, who is living in California, tells his father about the Muslim woman who had a problem with a cashier wearing a pin of the U.S. flag.

The son was standing behind “a woman in a burka” when he heard her loudly tell the cashier that the she was offended by the pin. The cashier touched the pin and told the woman it would not be removed.

Then things got really heavy, when the woman in the burka “asked the cashier when she was going to stop bombing her countrymen, explaining that she was Iraqi.”

The father of the soldier standing nearby, writes about exactly what happened next:

A gentleman standing behind my son (the soldier) stepped forward.

Putting his arm around my son’s shoulders and nodding towards my son, he said in a calm and gentle voice to the Iraqi woman:

“Lady, hundreds of thousands of men and women like this young man have
fought and died so that YOU could stand here, in MY country and accuse a
check-out cashier of bombing YOUR countrymen. It is my belief that had you
been this outspoken in YOUR own country, we wouldn’t need to be there today.

But, hey, if you have now learned how to speak out so loudly and clearly,
I’ll gladly buy you a ticket and pay your way back to Iraq so you can
straighten out the mess in YOUR country that you are obviously here in MY
country to avoid.”

It looks like there’s more than one hero in this grocery store story. That woman got the earful she deserved. She should be thankful to be living with the freedoms that the U.S. awards it’s citizens – however, like many other Muslim immigrants, she is hateful and entitled.

H/T Conservativeworlddaily

Do you think the woman in the burkha should have been kicked out of the store for harassing the staff? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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