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Castro: Trump Is Celebrating in the End Zone but Obama Got Economy to the Two-Yard Line

Friday on MSNBC’s former Obama administration Housing and Urban Development Secretary and 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Julián Castro said former President Barack Obama is more responsible for the strong economy than President Donald Trump.

Castro said, “You have a president that if you believe his rhetoric, he has a strong economy, the nation has a strong economy, and according to him, we’ve never been doing better and yet, you have several Democratic candidates, and this isn’t the first poll that has shown that. There is another poll that has shown similar numbers but doing very, very well. The reason for that is two reasons people know that this country is doing well not because of Donald Trump but in spite of Donald Trump.”

He added, “First of all Barack Obama helped create a lot of that success that we are still benefitting from. He inherited this thing at the two-yard line and is celebrating into the end zone like he’s the one that brought us all the way from the ten-yard line of the opponent, he didn’t. He’s profiting off the work that Barack Obama brought to this country. Secondly, they know that this president is not a strong leader. They can tell this country is doing well in spite of the fact we have a very unstable erratic president that is not offering strong leadership.”

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