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CBP Arrests at Southern Border Skyrocket to Highest Point in Trump Presidency Amid Caravan

Thousands of Central Americans began crowding at the southern border in part of the migrant caravan in recent weeks — the same month arrests at the U.S.-Mexico border by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) spiked to the highest number of arrests during Trump’s presidency.

The numbers revealed by the CBP show there were 51,856 arrested at the southern border in the month of November, compared to the month prior with 51,001 arrests — up one percent since October 2018.

More shocking is the huge hike in arrests made in November 2018 compared to a year prior, with arrests up by 78 percent. There were 51,856 individuals arrested in November 2018, but there were just 29,085 individuals arrested in November 2017.

The number of family units arrested spiked as well going from 7,016 in November 2017 to 25,172 in November 2018.

Department of Homeland Security spokeswoman Katie Waldman told The Hill that the upsurge is the result of a broken immigration system.

“The November 2018 border numbers are the predictable result of a broken immigration system — including flawed judicial rulings — that usurps the will of the American people who have repeatedly demanded secure borders,” she said.

Even though the number increased a lot in the month of November compared to previous year, the CBP statistics show it is slightly lower than when former President Barack Obama was at the tail end of his presidency. In the fiscal year 2017, there were 63,218 arrests made by the CBP at the southern border.

Check out the number of CBP arrests at the southern border during the months of November:

DHS’ Waldman recently told IJR that the “well-known loophole acts a magnet” for migrants in the caravan is the strategy of “posing a family unit” in order to gain access into the U.S, which is causing “rampant fraud taking place at our Southern border.”

She then shared shocking statistics that reveal only 9 percent of immigrants claiming asylum at the border is found eligible, leaving 91 percent ineligible.

President Donald Trump has actively pushed for border wall funding for the U.S.-Mexico border, saying on Friday that illegal immigration is a “threat to the well-being of every American community.” He has reiterated that he would “totally be willing” to shut down the government if Congress didn’t authorize $5 billion for funding at the border.

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