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CBS Reporter Tries to Tell Israeli Leader That Trump is Anti-Semitic, IMMEDIATELY Regrets it

Prime Minister Netanyahu joined Lasley Stahl on 60 minutes to talk all things Trump.

Things IMMEDIATELY got tense when Stahl repeatedly tried to bait Netanyahu into calling Trump and his supporters Anti-Semites. Instead, he FORCEFULLY defended Trump, who he has known and respected for a long time!

When Stahl kept pressing the issue, Netanyahu looked at her and delivered the best line i’ve heard this year in defense of Trump.

(Scroll Down For VIDEO and partial transcript)

Stahl: What do you make of Mr. Trump’s support among white supremacists and anti-semites. It’s becoming an issue and I wonder what you think about it?

Netanyahu: I think it’s important to denounce it anywhere, and Mr. Trump has denounced racial bigotry anywhere, and I think that’s important… That’s an important message.

Stahl: Would you call on him to speak out now? and speak out more forcefully?

Netanyahu: I think he has…

Stahl: So you’re satisfied with what he’s done so far?

Netanyahu: I’m not a referee here! I will say that I know his attitude towards Israel, towards the Jewish State and the Jewish people and that’s SO powerful and SO obvious… FOR GOD SAKES, HE HAS JEWISH GRANDCHILDREN. HE HAS A JEWISH DAUGHTER… I THINK WE SHOULD KEEP SIGHT OF THAT!

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Source: Subjectpolitics

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