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CHILLING: Trump Was Right! Muslim Refugees Do the UNTHINKABLE in Paris

It looks like Donald Trump was right. Inviting thousands of Muslim refugees into the U.S. with open arms is a BAD idea. Ever since migrants from the Middle East have taken over the once beautiful city of Paris, riots and chaos are the new normal.

Truthfeed reports that recent anti-police protests turned out to be anti-Western values riots. Islamic refugees have been flooding the streets of Paris screaming “Allahu Akbar”, destroying public property, stopping traffic, and intimidating law-abiding citizens. Police have tried to control the Muslim refugees but the savage attackers will stop at nothing. They are seen breaking windows of police cars and attempting to beat police officers with pipes.

As these ungrateful, violent refugees continue to destroy the city and kick in windows with unbridled rage, city officials are leaving the police virtually helpless. The behavior caught on video makes it hard to call these young Muslim men “refugees” – they are insurgents trying to destroy Parisian culture in the name of Allah.

Police have even been pushed out of certain areas of the city, as the riotous insurgents have made some neighborhoods unsafe to enter. Where are the politicians? Why have the police been rendered powerless against this ludicrous behavior from so-called refugees?

Conservative presidential candidate, Francois Fillon, is speaking out against the establishment in France. Fillon told the press, “Until yesterday, the Home Secretary has been silent. Would it hurt Bruno le Roux to stop being silent?”

The refugee crisis is causing so much turmoil in Europe that many American citizens are thankful for President Trump’s tough stance on immigration. Fillon said the government in France has to step up. He suggested that city officials who live in the suburb aren’t acting fast enough because they are not exposed to the violence happening in the city of Paris.

Watch the horrific videos below:

H/T Conservativeworlddaily

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