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Christian Conservatives Under Online Attack, Facebook Blocked Numerous Catholic Pages

If we can consider the severe criticism on Facebook as a sign, then prominent conservative Christian groups may be dealing with harsh online attacks.

According to the reports of Catholic News Agency and Breitbart News, Facebook in past 24 hours has blocked numerous Catholic pages.

Few of the pages which are blocked had millions of followers, and Facebook gave a sudden and unexpected reason for blocking, saying that they were “suspected of suspicious activities.”

“One of the blocked English-language fan pages was ‘Jesus and Mary’, which had 1.7 million followers. The page’s main cover photo was of the sacred hearts of Jesus and Mary,” stated CNA.

In another case, Facebook didn’t block just the page with pro-conservative standings, but locked out the administrator private account. As reported he was asked to set a photo of himself as a proof of his identity.

The administrator achieved to access his account after he uploaded a photo of himself. But the page where he was an administrator, with more than nearly 2 million followers, was blocked.

Many of administrators said they don’t believe that the pages will be restored. “It is extremely heartbreaking” said Kenneth Alimba, the administrator of “Catholic and Proud,” a Facebook page with a major following of six million people. “It’s too horrible,” he added.

Alimba as many other pages who were blocked, believe that Facebook deliberately censored the pages. “They’ve fought and continue to fight anything Catholic and conservative,” he said to the Catholic News Agency.

And this isn’t the first time Facebook is questioned about its double standards.

“In 2016, Facebook came under fire for allegedly censoring trends to news deemed ‘conservative,’” CAN said.

“On that occasion, Mark Zuckerberg rejected the allegations of censorship, and met with conservative U.S. leaders to assure them Facebook’s neutrality,” added the news site.

One more Catholic author and page admin named Godwin Delali Adadzie described the damaging effect of blocking the audience.

“The page happens to be the most effective means of driving traffic to my Catholic websites and blogs,” he stated. “I am also a blogger and a writer, and in writing, without readers which requires quality traffic, your writing or blogging will be useless.”

If Facebook blocked suspicious pages with few followers this wouldn’t become a problem, but now, very prominent pages of Catholic leaders are involved.

“Another blocked English-language page is ‘Fr. Rocky,’ belonging to U.S. priest Fr. Francis J. Hoffman, executive director of Relevant Radio, whose page had 3.5 million likes. Fr. Hoffman could not be reached for comment by press time,” CNA reported.

According to the reports, page administrators asked Facebook for an explanation and to restore the pages. They didn’t get an answer.

Facebook as a private company, must control activities in order to prevent offensive content. But famous Catholic and conservative pages are hardly offensive.

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