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Chuck Schumer Just Joined Benedict Arnold, Once Again This Proves How Big Traitor He Is

Chuck Schummer disappointed the nation completely. What he did in the past few weeks against Judge Gorsuch’s nomination is simply pathetic and insulting. Why? Because he was totally exposed and his intentions are completely partial and selfish.

When history remembers Chuck Schumer they will put him right next to Benedict Arnold. How else should we describe what Chuck Schumer just did to years of Senate tradition?

The Senate, by definition, must be above the fray politically. That is a key component of our democracy. The separation of powers, the equal branches of government, and senate decorum have been hallmarks of our system, the hedges against too much power in one party or man.

The separation of powers, the equal branches of government, and senate decorum have been hallmarks of our system – the hedges against too much power in one party or man. We need them to work because they supersede the paralysis that partisanship brings.

No presidential nominee to the supreme court has ever been filibustered. Until today when Chuck Schumer disgraced the senate with his move.

The move signals a new level of partisanship in the Senate that may never get put back in the bottle. Thanks Chuck, that’s what we need more partisan politics.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and his fellow Republicans did what they had to and went nuclear. They changed the rules in a critical vote to end filibusters for Supreme Court justices clearing the way for Gorsuch’s confirmation tomorrow.

The move was triggered after Democrats blocked President Donald Trump’s nominee, Colorado federal appeals court Judge Neil Gorsuch.

The Democrats have argued that Gorsuch was too conservative, but make no mistake this was about Merrick Garland.

The democrats never got over the move by McConnell to let the next president decide who would fill Scalia’s seat. The democrats thought they were a lock against Trump and are now scrambling to cover their backsides.

McConnell told anyone who would listen that he would not allow the democrats to block Gorsuch. He warned Chuck Schumer not to test him.

He warned that the Senate should be above partisan politics and if Chuck Schumer allowed his members to filibuster it would have long-term consequences for the Senate.

Like a typical liberal Chuck Schumer didn’t care. He was willing to blow up years of tradition just to prove a political point to his base.

In a representative democracy, the elected leaders need to refrain from scoring cheap points just to appease a rabid following. It’s called leadership Chuck and you have none.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine tried to hold bipartisan meetings to find a compromise, but said,

“I’ve had midnight calls on this, 6:30 a.m. calls on this,” she said.

“Worked all weekend and we just couldn’t get here.”

A Democratic aide in the Senate, who asked not to be named told CNN that the impasse a “damn shame.”

“There’s been plenty of appetite from both sides to find a way to avoid this, and even hope that we might at times, but it looks like that’s over,” the aide said. “This is happening. And it’s a damn shame. This hurts both parties in the long term because it hurts the institution.”


Chuck Schummer is a traitor. That’s it. It is simple to understand. Nancy Pelosi and the other far-left Democrats need to gather, make a good deal with their “donors” and LEAVE THE POLITICAL “SCENE” ONCE AND FOR ALL!

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