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CNN Holds Panel Discussion – Nobody Shows Up (PHOTOS)

Pasadena, CA – Independent journalist Mike Cernovich attended Politicon 2017 on Saturday and took pictures/video of the dismal crowd that CNN attracted as they held a panel discussion.

Perhaps very fake news CNN can only attract viewers when they force people at airports and gyms to watch them by default.

The American people are fed up with scripted fake news. Social media and alternative media are eclipsing CNN as people simply do not trust them anymore.

Very few people lined up to see Jake Tapper; CNN offered free food to lure people in.

Periscope by Cernovich showing few people lined up to see CNN’s Fake Tapper compared to the long line of people to see Ann Coulter:

Politicon organizer said Ann Coulter drew 1,000 people–their biggest crowd:

There were also long lines to see rising star Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA:

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