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CNN’s Jim Acosta Gets BAD NEWS After Being Rude to Trump

Millions of conservatives applauded President-Elect Donald Trump yesterday after he shut down screaming CNN reporter Jim Acosta by telling him that his organization is “fake news” during a press conference.

CNN had spent the previous 24 hours reporting on a fake news story that Trump had made secret financial deals with Russia and that also contained salacious stories about encounters with prostitutes, and the president-elect had finally had enough of their nonsense.

The Gateway Pundit reported that hours after Trump’s confrontation with Acosta, incoming White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer told Lou Dobbs that the CNN reporter’s behavior will not be tolerated at future press gatherings.

“Jim Acosta was inappropriate, rude and disrespectful. And he did it twice. He did it then in the clip you showed there and he did it later…” Spicer said. “I informed him that his behavior was rude, disrespectful and inappropriate and if it happened again I would have him removed…”

“I’ll tell you this, if I watched President Obama treated like this, if I watched President Clinton treated like this i would react the same,” he continued. “The office of President of the United States deserves a level of respect. And having a reporter stand up and basically yell and scream and act as inappropriately and rude as he did is a disgrace. We’re better than that.”

We applaud both Trump AND Spicer for the way they handled this situation.

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Source: Truthmonitor

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