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CONFIRMED: Donald Trump Will Be The First President To Never Take…

Donald Trump has never done drugs. Never touched a drink, never smoked cigarette.  No President in histopry can say that with a straight face. Certainly not his three predecessors.

Obama admitted he smoked crack and pot. George Bush lived a party lifestyle and refuses to comment on after he was saved and Bill Clinton never met anything he didn’t like.

“If you don’t drink and you don’t do drugs, your children … are going to have a tremendously enhanced chance of really being successful and having a good life,” Trump told a huge crowd in New Hampshire.

“The world is so tough and it is so competitive that you can’t put yourself, as a child, or even as a parent, if you want that child to be successful, at a disadvantage of letting them drink or letting them take drugs because it is not going to work.”

“They are going to be at a tremendous disadvantage and ultimately they may not recover.”

Just like our country was when we had crackheads and drunks running it. That’s change we can all be thankful for.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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