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Congress Delays Border Wall Funding Battle Until Just Before Democrats Take Power in 2019

On Friday, President Donald Trump signed a stopgap spending measure that would extend the deadline for averting a shutdown but also narrow the timeframe in which he can pressure Democrats into funding a southern border wall.

The new spending measure would expire on Dec. 21, just weeks before Democrats assume office in the new year — all but dooming the president’s chances at getting border wall funding.

As IJR previously noted, the 2018 midterm results made it less likely that Congress could reach a compromise on immigration reform.

Given that the midterms divided Congress into Democratic and Republican majorities, both parties will likely focus on posturing for 2020 as they face almost certain gridlock.

While Trump has strongly indicated he will shut down the government over border wall funding, he showed with the spending measure that a battle over that issue could wait.

According to Fox News, Trump will meet with Democratic Congressional leaders next week.

Pressure for some sort of border security will likely mount as thousands of migrants approach the United States.

The Trump administration has already ramped up enforcement along the border. As IJR previously reported, Customs and Border Protection saw more than 800 more arrests along the southern border in November compared to October.

The 51,856 arrests in November of 2018 represent a 78 percent increase from the prior year.

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