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Congress Just Did Something AWESOME… Obama Is FURIOUS, Americans Are Thrilled!

It has been a great month to be a conservative.

Not only has Donald Trump taken it on himself to help save more than 1,000 jobs at Carrier from moving to Mexico, something that President Obama was helpless to halt. But the president-elect has done nothing but nominate one strong Cabinet member after another.

And the liberals are howling.

One example: Gen. James Mattis for Defense Secretary, a nomination that no doubt has the left cowering in the corner.

But note to left: His name is likely having the same effect on ISIS.

Republicans are recognizing this, and have fast-tracked a budget bill that includes a path for speedy confirmation for Mattis.

The Washington Free Beacon reported “the legislation includes language that would set up expedited consideration of a waiver needed for Mattis to serve as defense secretary in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration. The draft of the continuing resolution … came amid warnings from Democrats not to include waiver language in the spending bill.”

Oops, the House voted 326-96 to pass that resolution. Guess Republicans didn’t listen to the Democrats’ warning.

And why should they?

“If you listen closely,” wrote, “you can hear the wails, cries and screams of both radicaly jihadis and progressives across the world at the thought of an alpha male like Mad Dog Mattis leading the charge against our enemies. Out of all the fantastic picks Trump has made, this has to be one of the best and most exiciting.”

Agreed. And that, in fact, is why the snowflakey Democrats are whining. Long gone are the days of Obama’s diplomacy-at-all-costs governance, and flimsy red line after red line drawn in the sand. With Mattis, the fight is real. And the goal is to win.

Source: Allen B. West

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