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Congress Just Did Something PHENOMENAL… Obama Is Furious, Americans Are AMAZED!

Congress, run by the Republicans in recent days, has seemed powerless to stop Obama at every turn.  Skyrocketing budgets, transgender bathrooms, Planned Parenthood funding—you name it, he gets it.

Well don’t hold your breath, but it looks like they have just turned over a new leaf. And it’s a big one.

Americans were shocked when they learned that Obama sent over $400 million to Iran for the release of four hostages.

At first the president denied it, claiming the money was for some old, outdated treaty. But eventually, his staff admitted that it was in fact a ransom.

The country, even the press, could not believe that we were giving a terrorist-funding country, one that has announced its intentions of wiping us and Israel off the map, so much money.

But it seems like this will be the last time a ransom will be paid to Iran.

From The Political Insider:

Now, the House has officially voted to stop Obama’s ransom payments! In a vote of 21 to 16, the House Foreign Affairs Committee approved the ban. The White House can’t be happy about this!

Republicans on both sides of the Capitol have been on offense over the Iran payments ever since it was revealed that the administration delayed the $400 million in cash to Iran until it was sure four American hostages were released. The GOP says that effectively made it a ransom payment, which goes against U.S. policy.

To remedy the situation, Royce’s bill would make it U.S. policy not to “pay ransom or release prisoners for the purpose of securing the release of United States citizens taken hostage abroad.”

It would also specifically bar any cash payment to Iran, and holds that any settlement entered into with Iran must be licensed by the government.

The cash payments are shocking to be sure, but it clearly shows the lack of strength and leadership on the part of the Obama administration.

Instead of finding more effective ways of freeing Americans, he is willing to give up millions of our dollars to a hostile nation.

Iran should be getting none of our money. They should be suffering sanctions from the United States and other nations for their hostile behavior in the Middle East. Yet Obama had no trouble finding sneaky ways to send large amounts of cash to this villainous regime.

Let’s hope this legislation will bring an end to this kind of behavior.

Source: The Political Insider

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