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Country Music Festival Gives DEVASTATING NEWS To Liberals Who BOYCOTT Toby Keith

A country music festival in Naperville, Ill. is facing pressure to kick Toby Keith off their stage. It seems some residents of the town think Keith is “too political” after his performance at Trump’s inauguration.

Liberals really continue to amaze me with their idiocy.

Keith after facing liberal outrage for performing for Trump, was forced to defend his decision to perform saying, “I don’t apologize for performing for our country or military.”

Ribfest will be held on June 30. It is about 30 minutes from downtown Chicago. Residents are protesting Keith’s upcoming performance because of his inauguration performance, but also they claim some of his lyrics were inappropriate. They did not identify the song or the lyrics they found inappropriate.

“In the current political climate, it seemed overtly polarizing and political,” Naperville resident Amy Kakkuri told the Chicago Tribune.

Despite the protests, Ribfest stood by its decision to book Toby Keith

“Ribfest talent is negotiated and selected months in advance of the event,” the festival said on their Facebook page. “At no time does the Exchange Club of Naperville make any political statement or endorsement. At no time are artists booked based on their political beliefs or actions.”

H/T Proud-patriots

The “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” singer is not the first to receive backlash for performing at the inauguration. Jackie Evancho received similar criticisms.

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