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IT’S A “COUP!” After Grand Jury Is Convened, Mark Levin Exposes What Mueller Is Really Up To

Robert Mueller was tasked with getting to the bottom of the Russian collusion accusations.

However, it appears that he has scrapped that and is moving on to Trump’s finances which suggests that he wasn’t able to find any evidence of collusion.

Yesterday, Mueller impaneled a grand jury which had a lot of Americans scratching their heads. Where’s the evidence here? What is this whole thing based on?

One of those Americans scratching his head was conservative radio host Mark Levin.

Aaron Bandler has the details…

From The Daily Wire:

Levin began by explaining that the process involving Mueller as special counsel “has been abused” from the get-go.

“In this case, there was no underlying criminal matter at all,” Levin said. “This was a counterintelligence investigation.”

“Let me tell you what’s going on here: they want to drag Donald Jr. in front of a grand jury and everybody else who was in that meeting – all eight of them – and see if they can find any contradictions in their testimony,” said Levin, “and then apart from that meeting and apart from anything that took place in that meeting – because nothing that took place was criminal – see if they can get somebody on a ‘lie.’ Perjury.”

“This is a coup that should upset every American, Trump supporter or not,” Levin said.

You can listen to Levin’s full rant here…

Spot on. As usual.

You don’t have to like Trump but you do have to base your arguments on the facts.

In this case, the facts simply don’t justify the media’s theory or Mueller’s actions.

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