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Court Rules Hillary MUST FACE New Email Investigation, This Time LED BY TRUMP AND JEFF SESSIONS

A federal appeals court just gave Donald Trump, or rather his U.S. attorney general Sen. Jeff Sessions, the go ahead to re-open the investigation and go after Hillary’s emails.

Actually, the court required, as a matter of law, that Sessions go after Hillary.

Judicial Watch, which brought the suit, President’s Tom Fitton said,

“The courts seem to be fed up with the Obama administration’s refusal to enforce the rule of law on the Clinton emails.”

“Today’s appeals court ruling rejects the Obama State Department’s excuses justifying its failure to ask the attorney general, as the law requires, to pursue the recovery of the Clinton emails.”

“This ruling means that the Trump Justice Department will have to decide if it wants to finally enforce the rule of law and try to retrieve all the emails Clinton and her aides unlawfully took with them when they left the State Department.”

According to the law, “If an agency head becomes aware of ‘any actual, impending, or threatened unlawful removal … or destruction of records,’ he or she ‘shall notify the Archivist … and with the assistance of the Archivist shall initiate action through the attorney general for the recovery of records.’”

Maybe crooked Hillary will finally get to see the inside of a jail cell after all.

Source: Worldnewspolitics

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