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Court Says Trump Supporters Assaulted At San Jose Rally Can Sue Police

People who were assaulted at then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s June 2016 San Jose rally are now able to sue the city’s police, according to a ruling by the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals delivered on Friday.

According to Fox News, the plaintiffs claim they were physically attacked while the police failed to intervene.

The assault happened when Trump supporters were ushered out of one exit of the McEnery Convention Center and met by hundreds of anti-Trump protesters. The lawsuit includes 20 plaintiffs who believe the police willingly forced them to leave through an exit where protesters were, instead of a safer route.

“As we were leaving, the 250 riot-gear-clad San Jose police who were there on the scene forced all of the people leaving to come out through one exit and directed them away from the the most direct path to the garages and into a riot of several hundred anti-Trump violent types waving Mexican flags with large six-foot poles,” said Harmeet Dillon, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs, on Tucker Carlson’s show. “And you know, the eggs are just one part of it; people were sucker-punched, people were hit in the head with bags of rocks, clothes torn off of them, elderly people had their glasses ripped off and had to flee for their lives.”

Dhillon was at the rally to deliver the Pledge of Allegiance and claims it was “like a third world country” and that “the police stood there and did nothing and told people that they were not allowed to help.”

Following the violence, a federal civil rights lawsuit was filed in which the city and the city police appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court. While the court ruled that the suit can move forward, the mayor and chief of police who Dhillon believes were directly involved were dismissed from the case. “The district court did dismiss those two from the case and we don’t get to appeal that until the end of the case but several police supervisors are now defendants in this case and hopefully will be held accountable for what they did that day,” Dhillon said.

Dhillon told Carlson that she believes the case was allowed to move forward because “the officers do not have qualified immunity because the allegations are so outrageous that they are clearly unconstitutional if we can prove them.”

“Today’s sad reality is that if you are a conservative exercising your free speech in a liberal environment, and things turn violent — as they repeatedly have in the past two years — you cannot be assured that local law enforcement will step up and do their jobs to protect you,” Dhillon told the Daily Wire. “In effect, the Left has cleverly weaponized the police by pressuring and enabling selective law enforcement on the basis of viewpoint.”

Dhillon does not believe the violence in San Jose is unique but happens frequently, including in Berkeley, California with riots by Antifa and in Portland, Oregon where the police failed to protect ICE employees from the Occupy ICE protestors.

“Attend a Trump rally? Work for ICE or for the President? Advocate for race-neutral admissions and classroom fairness on campus? Increasingly, you’re on your own, and you better have backup if you want to avoid being punched, kicked, egged, or worse,” she added.

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