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Dana Loesch Smacks CNN’s Brian Stelter For Hypocritical Fox News Comment

In the latest enjoyable Twitter banter caught by the folks over at Twitchy, an attempt by CNN’s Brian Stelter to castigate Fox News for failing to sufficiently condemn an over-the-top comment by some guests boomeranged when NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch weighed in.

In a tweet Saturday night, Stelter feigned outrage when Jesse Watters only mildly rebuked his guests, Diamond and Silk, for saying they see Maxine Waters as a “domestic terrorist”:

Loesch responded by reminding Stelter that he is among those at his network who have failed to call out radical gun control activists who have labeled her horrific and other verifiably false things:

Loesch’s fans had some fun piling on:

At CNN’s infamous town hall after the horrific Parkland shooting, the event organizers set the dauntless Loesch up for abuse, packing the crowd with anti-gun activists and emotionally distraught family and community members. Loesch was told by one of the Parkland activists that gun control activists “will support your children in a way that you will not.” As the event got out of control, Loesch was decried as a “murderer” by some in the increasingly-hostile audience.

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