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‘Dancing with the Stars’ Fans Baffled as Sean Spicer Survives Another Round

Viewers were left in disbelief after former White House press secretary Sean Spicer advanced to yet another round of Dancing with the Stars Monday night, with some calling it “bullshit” and others lamenting “the scariest thing about #DWTS is that Sean Spicer is still dancing.”
Spicer and dancing partner Lindsay Arnold danced the Jive to “Monster Mash” for DWTS’ Halloween-themed night. Despite receiving what ET described as “by far, the lowest scores of the night” — 18/30 — the dancing duo did not find themselves in the bottom two, thanks to the weight of fan votes. It means that conservatives, as Spicer has mentioned on Breitbart News Sunday, are showing up and sending a message to Hollywood.

Viewers, particularly those on the left, were in disbelief.

“The scariest thing about #DWTS is that Sean Spicer is still dancing,” one user wrote.

“What is happening on dancing with the Stars??? GET RID OF SEAN!!! I’m sick of him. Who’s voting???” another asked alongside the hashtag “#notdancingwithtrump.”

“I cannot believe Sean Spicer is still on Dancing with the Stars. I’m livid. We have lost two great ones because people vote for this mediocre dancer. Come on America, do better,” another tweeted, adding, “#TeamAnyoneBesideSpicer.”

Across the board, viewers were baffled by Spicer’s grassroots support. Some even suggested removing the viewer vote and only allowing the “pros” to judge due to Spicer’s continued stay.

Spicer has openly admitted that he tends to score low but told Breitbart News Sunday that his continued presence on the show is a testament to support from “Breitbart nation” and conservatives across the country.

“It means that they’re carrying us pretty high up the ladder because we’re never in the bottom,” Spicer said, adding that conservatives are sending the message to the left that they are “equal participants” and “cannot be canceled out.”

What frustrates them I think, is when they do shout out, “Cancel this person out. Don’t let them on. Don’t let them succeed,” and then people vote. Because they don’t get it. They don’t understand where these votes coming from. “Who are these people who don’t agree with me or don’t think like I do?”

“I think that’s a great message to send. For all of those folks on the right — that we are equal participants and we cannot be canceled out,” Spicer continued.

“Hopefully this is helping the overall movement and people realize — hey look you’re an advertiser, if you’re a show, there are a lot of active folks on the right that you should be paying attention to,” he added.

Big conservative voices on Twitter also rallied for Spicer during the show.

“Team Trump show up!!!” Trump campaign’s national press secretary Kayleigh McEnany wrote.

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