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‘Defund The Police’ Activist Alyssa Milano Lashes Out At ‘Rightwing Media’ And ‘Trolls’ After Husband Calls Cops On Kid Hunting Squirrels

Actress and left-wing activist Alyssa Milano railed against “rightwing media” and “trolls” on Tuesday, following an onslaught of reports and social media posts highlighting the apparent hypocrisy of the 47-year-old “Defund the Police” activist after her husband called the police on a teenager shooting at squirrels.

Over the weekend, the Milano family called the cops over what they believed was a threatening 40-something-year-old man dressed in all black with a gun near their home. The calls from the Milanos and her neighbors triggered a massive law enforcement response, but they later discovered that the “threat” was actually a teen boy hunting squirrels with an airsoft gun.

“Apparently, rightwing media & trolls have decided that they should target me because my neighbor called the police after seeing a person dressed in black holding a rifle behind my home where I live with my young children and husband,” she posted, captioned a lengthy statement detailing “what really happened.”

Notably, the statement admits that Milano’s husband did indeed call 911 about the alleged threat, asking when law enforcement would be on the scene.

Before watching a New York Giants game, Milano says in the statement that a neighbor spotted “a man dressed in all black, walking in the woods between our properties with a gun” and alerted authorities.

“We then received a call alerting us to the potential situation and that officers had been dispatched. My husband subsequently called 911 to check on when police would be arriving,” she wrote. “While he was on the line, they arrived.”

Milano thanked the officers profusely.

“These are exactly the type of situations that police officers are trained for and should be responding to,” Milano rationalized, “and we will always support police having the resources they need for appropriate police actions.”

“We’d love to see equally trained non-police professionals respond to addiction and mental health crises and non-violent events so that these brave officers can do the jobs they are so good at handling, as they demonstrated this weekend,” Milano concluded the statement.

The former “Charmed” star has been railing against the police for months, backing a whopping 90% budget cut to the Los Angeles Police Department and supporting anti-police group Black Lives Matter, an organization that expressly calls for the defunding of police nationally.

“What is the Los Angeles Police Protective League?” Milano posted to Twitter in July. “[The LAPPL] is a narrow special interest group that lobbies our politicians to protect the LAPD budget, pension + officers. But electeds need to #ProtectPeopleNotPolice. Sign the #PeoplesBudgetLA petition.”

She also tweeted: “Today at 12PM we have a Twitter Storm led by Black Lives Matter Los Angeles (BLMLA) and targeting the Los Angeles Police Protective League. Please find all of the information that you need to participate in the twitter storm at: Please participate!”

According to Fox News, Milano’s 8,000-square-foot home reportedly costs $2.5 million, with five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

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