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Dem Rep. Hill: We Know Trump Impeachment ‘Is Coming Potentially with the Risk of Us Losing Our Seats’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), the vice-chairman of the House Oversight Committee, spoke about the day’s announcement from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that congressional Democrats would pursue impeachment against President Donald Trump.

Hill joined her colleagues earlier in the day in support of the measure, adding that Trump’s impeachment was not her objective when she ran for Congress. However, she acknowledged there was a risk in supporting impeachment for reelection chances for her and some of her colleagues.

“[I] think this administration and the information that’s come forth over the last several months since we’ve been here has pushed each of us further and further and further towards that question of at what point do we need to push this towards a full-on impeachment proceeding,” she said. “And I think this was finally the tipping point for so many of us. That’s why you saw all these different statements that were coming out today because we — you know, you can no longer take it when so much is in jeopardy.”

“But, yes, it’s — we know it’s risky, right?” she continued. “We know that ultimately we’re doing what we have to do to uphold the oath that we took when we got sworn in January rd, but we also know it is coming potentially with the risk of losing our seats, but we know it’s the right thing to do and hopefully we’ll be able to communicate that back to people at home that this doesn’t come lightly. This is something we have to believe in and do it whether it’s the easy thing or not.”

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