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Dem Rep Suggested Peter Strzok Deserved Purple Heart — Watch How an Actual Purple Heart Recipient Responds

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) caught a lot of heat after telling FBI agent Peter Strzok that he might deserve the Purple Heart after enduring intense interrogation from Republican lawmakers.

The Purple Heart, typically reserved for wounded combat members, didn’t seem like a good fit for someone who texted his lover, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, that the two of them would “stop” candidate Donald Trump from reaching the White House.

While appearing on Fox News on Friday, Marine Staff Sgt. Johnny Jones — who actually received a Purple Heart Medal and lost both his legs in Afghanistan — had some strong words for Cohen.

Jones indicated that while a lot of things annoyed him during the Strzok hearing, Cohen’s comment was the “one thing” that got his “temper up quite a bit.”

“It’s pretty disgraceful,” Jones said of the comments, which Cohen later walked back.


Jones went on to argue that Cohen’s remarks essentially compared Republican politicians to enemies of the state:

“A Purple Heart is a very specific award, and you earn that award by putting your life and your body on the line for the freedoms and people in this country — and being called to task on that by the enemy. So you have to specifically be injured by an enemy of the state to earn a Purple Heart. So what this congressman did — and he probably doesn’t even understand it — is he equated Republicans, or the actual looking for truth, to an enemy attacking this man.”

For Jones, Cohen’s comments were “probably the stupidest thing someone’s said since [Georgia Rep.] Hank Johnson thought Guam might flip over.”

As IJR previously noted, Cohen later said he regretted using the term “Purple Heart” and “never literally thought the Purple Heart should be given to Agent Strzok.”

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