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Democrat Civil War EXPLODES Over Obama’s Attorney General… HE’S HUMILIATED!

How does an undistinguished individual like Loretta Lynch rise to become Attorney General of the United States? Of all the qualified men and women in America, how did President Obama come to choose her?

Her time in office has been a string of predictably leftwing moves, siding against police and with convicted felons, for example. If nothing else, most citizens will probably remember her as meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac at a Phoenix airport at the height of the presidential election campaign, and the subsequent decision by the FBI not to bring charges against Hillary.

As her undistinguished term comes to an end, Lynch spoke with Jake Tapper on CNN. She is clearly at odds with the talking points coming out of Camp Clinton:

Appearing on CNN with Jake Tapper, Attorney General Loretta Lynch strongly countered claims by former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta that the FBI is “deeply broken.”

“I allow him this opinion, but I disagree with that, if that is in fact the characterization he is trying to make,” Lynch told CNN’s Jake Tapper, who had asked if Podesta’s assessment — that the FBI was more concerned with Clinton’s emails than Russia’s cyberactivity — was accurate.

“You have to look at every investigation separately. You have to look at every case separately,” she advised.

It’s pretty obvious that those on the losing side of the election are trying to point fingers at each other. Expect these conflicting stories and accusations of blame to continue for years to come.

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